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Cryo Thearpy

Cryoothearpy/Cryo stimulation is the exposure to specific regions of the body to low temperatures (-80 to -150 dregees celceus) for a period of up to 15 minutes per area. the skin is cooled by a stream of lquid nitrogen vapour provoking a vasoconstriction reaction activating the bodys natural defences, resulting in a natural and safe healing process. 

Ailments that can be treated by Cryothearpy


If you suffer from the following cryothearpy be able may help you.


Neuralgia overweight obesity, cellulite, acne, hair loss, injuries, muscle bone ligaments sprains and neuro-inflammation, burns, pain syndromes, spasims,sciatic nerve,

benefits of cryothearpy/cryostimulation


Pain Relief

Reduction of edema

Increased range of motion in joints and increased chilled muscle strenght.

Speeding up the healing process and treatment of injuries.

relaxation of states after burns

allows for non advasice treatment of spider veins.

Post treatment positives


Instantly noticeable results - tighter healter skin, increased muscle tone

Treats acne and exzema - skin feels revitalised fresh and rejuvinated.

Endorphins and anti-inflammatory substances start to circulute more freely.

Triggers the production of collagen.

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