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Cryotherapy involves the activation of natural body defences and that is why it is totally safe. The short time exposure to the cold does not effect your core tempurature. It stimulates bloodflow to the treated area and activated a natural analgesic effect on the body. 

CryoFacial and skin treatments


Reduces pore size and relaxes facial muscles.

Stimulates Collagen Production - tightens skin and reduces wrinkles.

Improves blood flow reducing toxins in the skin

Brightens dark spot and treats problem skin (acne and exezema)

Natural anti-inflammatory - reduces puffiness and swelling




boost the metabolic process and on target areas can

help reduce weight

circumference reduction

firming of the skin


Improve general wellbing

Cryo Hair Stimulation


Stimulates Hair growth 

Stronger thicker healther hair

Treats Dandruff and scalp seborrhea

reduces discomfort and scalp itchiness

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