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Cryo Facial

Cryo Facial benefits - The body's internal temperature is raised triggering collagen production. The subsequent rush of ongoing micro circulation transports oxygen and nutrient filled blood to rejuvinate the skin.


Cryo Facial      £60 per treatment


Trargeted skin treatment benefits - cryo thearpy can have a cooling and rejuvinating effect on skin areas with acne and exezema, helping to reduce the visable signs on the effected skin areas.


Targeted Skin Treatments      £40 per treatment

Cryo Hair Stimimulation

Cryo Hair Stimulation - stimulates hair folicles to grow back ticker and stronger, can reduce discomfort and scalp itchiness and treats dandruff and scalp seborrhea.


Cryo hair stimulation provides natural healing and relief through activating  a vasodilation effect in the treated area resulting in a increasing of oxygenated blood flow to the scalp resulting in a healtier thicker and more robust hair for men and women. 


Cryo Hair Stimulation         £40 per treatment



Cryo Shaping

Cryo Shaping benefits - Improves circulation, increases metbolic processes which body fats sugars and proteins for several hours after treatment, helping you slim and tone targeted body areas. ideal for stomachs, waist and thighs.


Cryo Shaping      £80 per treatment


Multi-treatment deal

Cryo Shaping Package - 5 treatments   -    £350

                                         10 treatments  -    £600

Local Cryothearpy

Local Cryo thearpy - Cryostimulation address multiple issuse at the same time which help the body start the healing process and is effective in treating injuries and bone ailments ( always recommended to speak with your GP or physio before treatment)


Reduces muscle tension allowing increased movement.

Reduces inflammation and releases endorphin in to your system

Strenghtens the immune system

Can be used alongside other treatment for improved results


Local Cryo Treatment            £30 per treatment

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